Off to a slow start.

November 05, 2011

The hardest part of being sick is your body telling you to go, go, go, while your head tells you to stay right where you are.  I've had a cold for the past three weeks that doesn't want to go away, and I've had to shut down training because of it.  I'm through the worst of it, but it's lingering and still making things difficult.  A few weeks ago I started training with a power meter and have already been exposed to its value.  Last week I was trying to push myself through a tough workout on the bike.  I'd woken up that morning feeling better than I had in several days so I decided to take a shot at the ride.  It was clear during my first set of intervals I was still weak and sick and nowhere near ready for a workout like that.  It took everything I had to hold numbers that were below the bottom end of what I usually push, so I pulled the plug, hopped off the bike, and haven't done anything since.  Not exactly the start to next season I was hoping for.

The most frustrating part is lying awake in the mornings trying to get myself back to sleep.  I'm so accustomed to waking up early to train that most mornings I don't need an alarm, and by the time I'm falling back asleep, it's time to get up.  However, getting out of bed early when you don't have to train does allow time for other things that have been neglected over the past few weeks.  Such as blog posts.  And laundry.  And flossing.