Ride For Heart

May 29, 2011

i couldn't resist the temptation to ride the gardiner/DVP so i've signed up for next weekend's Ride For Heart.  it's gonna be fun.  and it will also be for a good cause.  i keep forgetting that detail.

if you'd like to throw some money at me in support of the Heart & Stroke foundation, please follow this link to donate.

florida 70.3

May 19, 2011

this day started early.  i met my coach and a couple of other absolute endurance athletes in the hotel lobby at 4am.  it was pitch black but it was dry.  severe thunderstorms were in the forecast and by the time we'd made it over to the disney world parking lots, the rain was coming down heavy.  forks of lightning lit the sky, and just as we were boarding the shuttle bus to the start/finish area, a lightning strike and a massive crack of thunder directly overhead took out half the lights in the parking lot.  the lightning must have hit a transformer close by and everyone was wondering whether or not the race was going to be called off.  remaining optimistic, we boarded the shuttle buses and made our way to race site.

Studio Maya

May 18, 2011

i'm happy to announce that i've reached a sponsorship agreement with Studio Maya, a yoga studio that has just recently opened close to wear i work.  maya, the studio director, is definitely the most unique yogi i've practiced with.  a huge thank you to her for partnering with me and supporting me.  if ever in the york mills area and looking for some yoga, check them out.  much fun.

first one's in the bag

May 15, 2011

finished florida 70.3 this morning and am psyched with the results.  highlights of the day were sub-35 min swim and third fastest half marathon in my age group.  full race report to follow.

this. heat. is. brutal.

May 12, 2011

made it to orlando safely, but only after a long, difficult day of travel that included such highlights as missing a flight and sitting on the runway for an hour, inches from the jet way, waiting out a storm.

the main reason i wanted to get here several days before the race was to acclimatize myself to training in this heat.  i did a ride this morning in an effort to do just that and lucked out with a glorious, traffic-free road that wound along lakes, rivers and glades.  i had to drive about 30 minutes to get away from the tourist-jammed areas close to the disney resorts, but it was well worth it.  the heat was hovering around 27°C with humidity up near 90%.  not exactly the type of weather i'm used to.  on the bike i didn't notice the heat too much, the wind helping to keep me cool.  it wasn't until i hit the halfway point of my ride and stopped to turn around that i realized i was dripping with sweat.  i'd been sticking to my race plan and had been drinking continuously and felt good, but the difference between what the heat felt like in the wind and what it actual was was pretty amazing.

a good reality check.  even though it may not feel like it while riding, it's hot here.  really hot.  i did a short run after my ride and didn't take any water with me but could feel dehydration starting to settle in.  sunday's race will be a huge test in managing hydration.  and sunburns.

getting close

May 10, 2011

orlando is only a few days away and the more i think about it, the more excited i am about the race.  i'm looking forward to it so much because it's a race with one only goal, which is to finish strong.  there's nothing on the line and these types of races are always the most fun.  no stress.  this is my first 70.3 (and first tri in 12 years!) and i'm heading to the race to simply dip my toes in and get my feet wet with the distance.

swimming is coming along well and has been steadily improving since january.  i'm feeling more and more at home in the water and can feel the benefit of every little change my coach has me make to my swim stroke.  running also feels really good right now.  i did a half marathon a couple of weeks ago and had better than expected results.  however, my half marathon fitness off the bike is still up in the air.  a real wild card is my bike fitness.  because i've been focusing so much on running over the past several months, my riding is not nearly as strong as it was last season.  also a big change from last year is training in general... racing at longer distances brings a whole other type of training, but how that will translate into results on race day is unknown.

what i do know is the swim at this race is slow (no wetsuits) and crowded, the bike is fast and flat, the run is just as packed with people as the swim, and the heat and humidity are unforgiving.  with that weather in mind, i've been working on dialing in a nutrition and hydration plan that will (hopefully) have me fueled, strong and ready for the run.  although i'm uncertain of my fitness and how well i'll fare at this distance, i am certain i'm prepared for this race.

i'm heading to orlando to have some fun, gauge my health, put a nutrition plan to the test and finish strong.  it's likely i'll make some rookie mistakes, but i'm kinda looking forward to that part.  i want to laugh and smile and enjoy myself out there and making an ass of myself may help lighten the mood.  maybe i'll run the half marathon backwards on purpose just to get some strange looks.