on the mend. i think.

February 11, 2011

after 5 weeks of downtime things are starting to show real signs of improvement.  on wednesday night, for the first time since the beginning of the new year, i went for a run outside, and although i wasn't feeling 100% i got through it without any issues.  and things felt great afterwards.  irritation on the bike seems to be disappearing as well, and last night in the pool my knee hardly fussed.  i'm away for the next week and am hoping that after yet another easy week of little or no training i'll be ready to start ramping things up in preparation for orlando.  i'm being cautious of my optimism because i don't want to get too excited, but i'm feeling like i'm finally starting to get past this.  i'll tread lightly until my strength is back and will ease into it, but here's hoping my body cooperates.

2011 race schedule

February 04, 2011

at this point the first half of my season is in jeopardy.  training is at a near stand-still in an effort to help my body heal faster, and with minimal improvement, i may be shutting things down completely over the next couple weeks.  the inflammation in my knee is effecting every aspect of my training.  when my injuries finally get sorted out and my year gets started, running will be my focus.  my triathlon season will wrap up in september and at that point i'll switch to running-only races and try to set some personal best times in the 5k, 10k and half marathon.  that schedule hasn't been sorted out just yet, and the schedule below will likely change depending on the status of injuries.  here's what my year looks like right now:

March 13
Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5k

April 03
Toronto 10k

April 24
Uxbridge Half Marathon

May 15
Florida 70.3

June 26
Welland Half Ironman

August 28
Toronto Islands Duathlon

September 18
Syracuse 70.3